Expression Functions
Flare has a extensive list of expression functions making it easy to build both simple and complex expressions. Below is a partial list:
Date Time Functions Aggregate Functions Math Functions Filter Functions
DateFormat Avg Abs ClearAll
DateOnly Count Ceiling Where
Day Min Floor WhereBetween
DayOfWeek Max MaxValue WhereEQ
DaysInMonth Sum MinValue WhereGT
Hour Rank Round WhereGE
Hour24 SubQuery Fmod WhereLT
MakeDate Hash256 WhereLE
MilliSeconds String Functions Hash512 WhereLike
Minute IndexOf Random WhereNotLike
MonthLongName LastIndexOf SelectAll
MonthNumber Left Chart Only Functions SelectCurrent
MonthShortName Len GetColumn SelectNone
Now LowerCase GetColumnPrevious AndFilter
ParseDate Replace Rank MinusFilter
ParseDateExact SubString GetDimensionCount NotFilter
QuarterNumber Trim OrFilter
Seconds Trim OrFilter
Today TrimStart Color Functions
TotalDays TrimEnd ARGB
TotalMinutes UpperCase RGB Type Conversion Functions
TotalMinutes GetGradientColor ToDateTime
TotalSeconds General Functions HSL ToDouble
WeekOfYear AppName HSLA ToInteger
WorkDaysInMonth Chr ToString
Year IsNull Load Script Only Functions
AddDays Null WriteLine
AddHours ReloadDate RowID
AddMinutes Sleep NotExists
AddMonths User Exists
AddSeconds IsNum
AddYears IsText
AMPM IsSingleValue
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